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In-Home Dog Wash for Dog Owners

"For dog owners, having an in-home dog wash is undoubtedly the dream: a dedicated space to rinse off your pooch after muddy walks as opposed to getting your own bathtub all messed up."

Homeowners with pets can now consider their furry, little family friends when making renovations to the home. Establishing a designated cleanup area for your dog's wash time will give pet owners a sense of relief.

"A godsend. Whether you're planning a garage makeover or any type of new entryway setup, think about installing a dog wash", writes Leonora Epstein, Senior Editor of Content at HUNKER.COM featured in this story: 9 In-Home Dog Washing Stations That Are DIY Dreams.

sarandy westfall VYcDFMSkUAA unsplash scaled
Photo: Sarandy Westfall, Unsplash

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