About Sherryl

Sherryl Jacobs is a Vancouver-based REALTOR® with Macdonald Realty licensed since 2012, she is a Toronto native with Caribbean roots. Her work-standards attract clients from all walks of life to her successful career in real estate locally and globally.

She has a firm and transparent approach to doing business. Her clients refer to her as a skilled, knowledgeable and trustworthy professional. Sherryl is an Associate Broker with a solid reputation, strong ethics and is an agent in good standing with the Real Estate Council of British Columbia (RECBC).

RECBC courses ensure professionals obtain, maintain, and enhance the skills necessary to protect the public and ensure awareness of emerging trends and issues. Mandatory continuing education helps reinforce knowledge and addresses topical issues, trends and legislation changes. It contributes directly to raising industry standards by helping to ensure realtors understand their role and the rules and regulations.

Sherryl continues to engage the council’s course offerings designed to give her the tools and knowledge required to aid consumers in B.C.’s real estate markets.

With an exceptional ability to serve her client-base, she proudly embraces her expertise in assisting people. Whether she is selling real estate; volunteering or sponsoring a local artists or event, she is consistently focused on meeting, promoting and positively supporting members in her community.

Her hands-on practice with wide range of real estate is unmatched as she is best known for her attention to detail, specifically as it pertains to contracts. Protecting her client is paramount and as a former Broker-Owner, she has managed real estate agents in various areas including our realtor code of ethics; career-growth and guidance; personal and professional development, and industry compliance.

Her confidence as a strong-minded businesswoman demonstrates her readiness to work for you. Many rely on her extraordinary services and do so as a result of her outstanding ability to exercise discretion at all times. CONFIDENTIALITY IS A CRUCIAL KEY TO HER BUSINESS!

Sherryl processes time-consuming business acquisitions and has sold residential, commercial, industrial and land deals over the years. She has extensive experience with challenging properties and complicated real estate transactions, including foreclosures and court-ordered sales.

Her largest clients include Brookfield, the Federal Government of Canada; and a respectful mention to affluent residents; prominent business men and women; high net-worth individuals; government families including R.C.M.P, educators, physicians, the military; and religious leaders from various religious groups; various financial institutions and investment firms.